——-< december 16

I went to church yesterday,  then I just realized, that I’m am no longer waiting for my ideal boyfriend,

I am now waiting for my future partner in life, my Man. 🙂

hey do you have this qualities?then ,you are My Man 🙂

I want to be find by a man who I can share all my secrets, my dark.secrets and be assured that he will understand it and keep it as his own secret too.

I want a man who will always keep me excited and surprise all the time,

A man whom don’t bother seeing me with out any sign of make up,

Who would compliment me, tell me I am the most beautiful women he ever love

A man who have a lot of patience to deal my childshness,selfishness who will never get bored with my company

A man who would prioritize me over anything,or everything else,

A man who could provide my needs,

A man who with a good heart , will be a great father to our future children.

A man who could meet up with my parents and chat with them.

A man who will be so proud of me,who will be proud to introduce me to his family, as If I am the most beautiful women, though I am not.

I pray that my in laws to be kind and accept me whole heartedly.

I really want to be with a man who will love me despite of all my insecurities and negative qualities

A man who will love me more than I love my self.

A man who will hug me every time I feel sad and say,” hey baby, don’t be so sad, I’m here with you, what ‘s bothering you ?”

a man who willing to decode my subtle gesture,

a man who will bring me to the most beauiful place with swing and ask me to be his partner forever.

in return, I promise that I will do my very best to love him unconditonally, give him my trust and loyalty.

ps. find me as fast as you could, coz I cant handle it no more to fall again to another man, who would just broke my heart again. 🙂

❤ your future woman 😉


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